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OUR CORPORATE MISSION is to be one of the leading manufacturers of quality plastic components, containers, jars , jerrycans, cpas & closures for the PHARMACEUTICAL, COSMETICS, AUTOMOTIVE, BIO ORGANICS , PARENTERAL, ADHESIVES, VACCINES, PIGMENTS industry. To fulfill our aim, we at ATLAS constantly implement those very performance and manufacturing principles that have driven our corporate ideals and objectives

We work with the most modern injection molding and blow molding technology supported by inhouse screen / pad printing facilities.

Plant is uniquely located in the industrial complex in GUJARAT’S capital,GANDHINAGAR, the most envied and sought after location as regards skilled human resources, proximity to Government Departments, including sophisticated IT and Communication links with the rest of the world.


We have our wide network over India and have been continuously supplying our containers, jars, jerrycans and caps & closures to almost all leading companies all over India which clearly reflects in the client list provided.


To prerform the activity of manufcturing plastic components, containers, jars, jerrycans, caps & closures according to intertnational quality requirements consistently with timely delivery and ever improving levels of satisfaction.

The management and staff will ensure commitment to continual improvement of the product quality, services & management system through process control , emloyees empowerment, and management commitment


We have one of the the largest product range in the industry. We also manufacture and export a huge range of plastic components and containers used in PARENTERALS, PHARMACEUTICALS, COSMETICS , AUTOMOTIVE, BIO ORGANICS , PIGMENTS , ADHESIVES, VACCINES , ETC. We also undertake contract manufacturing of plastic components & containers, including designing, making moulds, deciding appropriate polymers, under specific customer agreement.


Our Product Catalog

Download product catalogue for more information about products related to parenterals, pharmaceuticals , cosmetics , automotive, bio organics , pigments . adhesives , vaccines , etc



Our sales and marketing motto is based on the motto as under:

  • Committed Product Delivery
  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Competitive Product Pricing
  • Project Partnerships on Technical support
  • Presales-Marketing Support
  • And more!